Micrel Introduces Two Automotive-Qualified, High-Performance Linear Regulators Offering The Widest Available Input Operating Voltage Range

Press Release

San Jose, CA, Oct. 30, 2012 —Micrel Inc., (Nasdaq:MCRL), an industry leader in high performance analog and high-speed mixed signal solutions, LAN and timing and communications solutions, today announced two new AEC-Q100 qualified, high-performance linear regulators. The MAQ5281/82 family offers a very wide input operation voltage range, up to 120V DC, and supplies an output current of up to 25mA or 50mA. These devices are ideal for the harsh environments often encountered in automotive and industrial applications. The MAQ5281/82 are currently available in volume, and pricing starts at $1.00/$1.05 for 1K quantity. Samples can be ordered at: http://www.microchip.com/MicrelSamples#/scripts/samplecenter.dll?micrel.

"Voltage regulators for both the automotive and industrial environments must be able to withstand large input overvoltage transient (load dump) occurrences," noted Brian Hedayati, marketing vice president for the analog division at Micrel. "Micrel's new MAQ5281/82 are automotive-qualified and feature both a wide input voltage range of 6 to 120V DC and ultra-low quiescent current of 6µA typical, making these solutions ideal for automotive and rugged telecom applications."

The devices feature 25mA/50mA guaranteed out current and an adjustable output from 1.27V to 5.5V. They can withstand up to 120V DC at input and feature ultra-high PSRR of >90dB. Other features include a high output accuracy of + 3 percent accuracy, thermal shutdown and current limit protection. The devices come in a thermally efficient, 8-pin ePad MSOP package option