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Frequently Asked Questions About Micrel

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions here. If you can't find what you're looking for, contact us.

How do I get samples?
•   Contact your Micrel Sales Representative.

What is Price and Delivery for MICwxyz?
•   Contact your Micrel Sales Representative or Distributor.

Where can I buy Micrel Products?
•   Your local Distributor or directly from Micrel for larger orders. Contact your Micrel Sales Representative for details.

A List of Micrel Sales Representatives and Distributors is available. Click here

Technical Issues:
Are Evaluation Boards available?
•   Contact your local Micrel Sales Representative to request Evaluation boards

How do I calculate thermal resistance and choose heat sinks?
•   See Applications Hint # 17, "Designing PC Board Heatsinks" Click here to download

Additional information may be found in the product datasheets.

What is the Heatsink Tab electrical connection for TO-220 and TO-263 packages?
•   The heatsink Tab on TO-220 and TO-263 packages is connected to Ground.

Do you have SPICE Models for MICwxyz?
•   Click here to go to the SPICE index.

What does "Drop-Out" Voltage mean for Low Drop-Out Voltage Regulators?
A.   First, Vout(nominal) is measured using an input voltage of Vout + 1 Volt. This is sufficient input to ensure the part is not in a "Drop-Out" condition.
B.   Next, the input voltage is reduced until Vout decreases to some percentage of the Vout (nominal) measured in Step A. Typically this percentage is 99 %.
C.   V(Drop-Out) is defined as the difference between Vin and Vout measured with the input voltage obtained in Step B, where Vout = 0.99*Vout (nominal).

What if I operate the part outside datasheet limits?
•   Micrel guarantees only parameters listed on the datasheet under the conditions stated on the datasheet. Typical specifications and graphs are for reference only.

What is the PCB footprint for MICwxyz?
•   Example Footprints for TO-220 and TO-263 packages are provided with Micrel Packaging Information. Click here to download

One resource for example PCB Footprints for various standard packages can be found on the Web at:

This reference is not an endorsement of the above Website; the URL is offered as a possible resource for PCB footprints for some packages.

Micrel claims no expertise in PCB layout design.

What is the Moisture Sensitivity Level?
•   Click here

What are MTBF and/or FIT for MICwxyz?
•   Click here


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