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2014-11-10 Product News Micrel’s High Density Synchronous Boost Converter Delivers Up to 10W Output Power in 2mm x 2mm x 0.55mm Package
2014-10-02 Product News Micrel Launches New Family of Miniature, Efficient, Low-Profile, DC/DC Power Modules for Space-Constrained Applications
2014-09-24 Product News Micrel Launches New 85V Full-Bridge MOSFET Driver Addressing Technology Advances in Battery-Operated Tools
2014-09-02 Product News One of the Industry’s Smallest Camera Flash LED Driver Solutions Delivers Up to 1.2A, Ultra-Compact 1.3mm x 1.3mm Package
2014-05-28 Product News Micrel Launches New Highly Integrated Intelligent Power Management Solution
2014-05-06 Product News Micrel Launches Ultra-Low Jitter FUSION Crystal Oscillators That Offer Industry-Leading Performance in Advanced Communications Applications
2014-03-17 Product News Micrel To Exhibit Products Making A Powerful Difference At APEC 2014
2014-03-17 Product News Micrel to Unveil New Family of High Voltage High Density Power Modules Suited for Broad Spectrum of Applications at APEC 2014
2014-03-13 Product News Micrel Launches New Configurable Four Output, Low Jitter Crystal-less™ Clock Generator
2014-03-12 Product News Micrel To Preview Its First Multi-Mode DC/DC Controller Capable of Delivering Up To 50A Output Current
2014-03-10 Product News Micrel Launches a New High Performance, 4MHz, 2A DC/DC Converter with 100 Percent Duty Cycle Capability
2014-03-07 Product News Micrel Offers New Generation of Miniature High Side Load Switches Capable of Delivering up to 3A in 1mm x 1.5mm Package
2014-03-06 Product News Micrel Launches 12.5Gbps High Sensitivity Limiting Amplifiers For FTTH XGPON/10GEPON, Ethernet, Fibre Channel, OTN, and Wireless Applications
2014-01-08 Product News Micrel Launches New 85V Half Bridge MOSFET Driver with Adaptive Dead Time and Shoot-Through Protection
2013-12-19 Product News Micrel Introduces Full Featured, High Performance Digital PWM Controller for High Current, Non-Isolated DC-DC Power Supplies
2013-12-17 Product News Micrel Launches New Timing Product Families for PCIe Market
2013-10-23 Product News Micrel Introduces New 18V, 3A, High Performance DC-DC Converter in 3mm x 3mm Footprint
2013-10-07 Product News Micrel Releases Two High Current Camera Flash LED Drivers with Best-in-Class Efficiency and Current Accuracy
2013-09-30 Product News Micrel Introduces 85V Half Bridge MOSFET Drivers with Integrated Bootstrap Diode, Widest Programmable Gate Drive Range
2013-08-28 Product News Micrel's RF Solutions Continue to Make Inroads in Automotive Markets
2013-07-18 Product News Micrel Launches New High Sensitivity Limiting Post Amplifiers for 10Gbps FTTH PON, Ethernet, Wireless, and OTN Applications
2013-04-18 Product News Micrel Offers New High Accuracy, Ultra-Small, Voltage Supervisor Featuring Watchdog, Manual Reset and Dual-Outputs
2013-03-12 Product News Micrel Introduces Industry’s First Triple 2Amp-Per-Output Synchronous Buck Regulator
2013-02-27 Product News New Micrel Family of Integrated FET DC-to-DC Buck Converters Provides Highest Performance At Optimized Solution Costs For 12V Input Rails
2013-02-25 Product News Micrel Launches Dual-Output Buck Regulator With HyperLight Load ® Combining Highest Efficiency In Smallest Footprint
2013-02-21 Product News Micrel's New 6A/3A Synchronous Buck Regulators Leverage HyperLight® Load Technology, Delivers Up To 93 Percent Peak Efficiency, Smallest Footprint
2013-01-16 Product News Low-Side MOSFET Driver in Ultra-Small Four-Pin Package
2013-01-08 Product News Industrial Ethernet continues to find wider adoption in automation systems
2012-12-04 Product News Electronic Design Announces 2012 Best Electronic Design Award Winners
2012-11-08 Product News Networking Technologies Take Charge At Home And On The Road
2012-11-08 Product News Micrel Offers Highest Level of Clock Tree Integration With Revolutionary ClockWorks™ Fusion
2012-11-05 Product News Micrel Launches High-Side N-Channel MOSFET Driver With Integrated Charge Pump In An Ultra-Small Four-Pin Package
2012-11-05 Product News Micrel Offers New Low-Side MOSFET Driver Devices In Ultra-Small Four-Pin Package
2012-10-30 Product News Micrel Introduces Two Automotive-Qualified, High-Performance Linear Regulators Offering The Widest Available Input Operating Voltage Range
2012-10-29 Product News Micrel Expands ClockWorks™ Products With High Performance FLEX2 Custom-Configurable Clock Generator Family
2012-10-24 Product News Micrel Adds Four High-Current Devices To Its Award-Winning Ripple Blocker Family Of LDO Linear Regulators And Load Switches
2012-10-22 Product News Micrel Extends Range For RF Applications At 315/433/868/900MHz With New Low-Noise Amplifier Featuring Shutdown
2012-03-26 Product News Micrel Creates 1-Square Millimeter Dual-Input, Push-Button-Reset IC With Extended Setup Delay Times For Generating Hard Resets
2012-03-19 Product News Micrel Eliminates Dual-Stage Conversion For Point-Of-Load Applications With High-Efficiency, Wide-Input Switching Regulator IC
2011-12-12 Product News New Micrel DC-DC Converter Family Enables Point-of-Load Designs With High Power Density And High Efficiency
2011-11-01 Product News Micrel Announces MEMS Manufacturing Capability At San Jose, CA Fab
2011-09-05 Product News Micrel Introduces Highly Integrated IEEE 1588v2 Over Ethernet Solution For Industrial Ethernet
2011-08-29 Product News Micrel Rolls Out New Family Of Pre-Bias Safe, High Power Density Integrated Synchronous Buck Regulators
2011-08-01 Product News 120V Linear Regulators From Micrel Offer Industry–Leading Quiescent Current And Low-Noise Performance
2011-07-25 Product News Automotive Qualified High Brightness LED Driver IC Reduces Complexity And Cost In Automotive Lighting Apps
2011-06-13 Product News Micrel Takes Efficiency To New Heights With High Current Density And High Accuracy Linear WLED Drivers
2011-06-02 Product News Micrel Boosts Power Efficiency and High Current Density With High Accuracy Six Channel Linear LED Drivers
2011-03-29 Product News Micrel Introduces New Dual White LED (WLED) Driver Product Family Greatly Extending Battery Life In Portable Products
2011-02-18 Product News Micrel Launches Industry Smallest System Power Triple LDO Family Featuring Best-In-Class Performance For Battery Powered Apps
2011-01-17 Product News Micrel Slashes 5 Port Switch-On-a-Chip Power Consumption In Half
2010-12-13 Product News Micrel Rolls Out New Family of High Current, Ultra Low Input Voltage LDOs Powering Next Generation Low Voltage Cores
2010-11-09 Product News Micrel Launches Launches Breakthrough Clockworks™ Flex Product Family
2010-11-08 Product News Micrel Expands Hyper Speed Control™ Family With Wide Input DC-DC Controller For Industrial, Telecom and Automotive Applications
2010-11-04 Product News Micrel Expands SuperSwitcher II™ Family With New 36V/7A Synchronous Buck DC-DC Converter
2010-11-02 Product News Micrel Expands Lighting Portfolio With New Step Down HBLED Driver IC
2010-08-03 Product News Micrel Cuts Power Requirement For Ethernet Connectivity In Half
2010-07-19 Product News Micrel Expands Hyper Speed Control Family of Synchronous DC-DC Controllers
2010-06-24 Product News Micrel Introduces Hyper Light Load efficient Synchronous DC-DC Controller With Single Supply Operation
2010-05-18 Product News Micrel Ushers In New 4G Wireless PMIC Era With Highly Integrated Power Management Solution
2010-05-18 Product News Micrel Launches Industrys Triple Threat With Smallest Triple LDO Family
2010-06-03 Product News Micrels Latest Thin-Profile Boost Regulator Targets HDTV Tuner Applications
2010-05-13 Product News Micrel Brings Savings To Mainstream Lighting Apps With Introduction Of New Wide Input Voltage HBLED Driver Controller IC
2010-05-10 Product News Micrel Builds On High Speed LDO Family For Point-of Load Applications
2010-04-27 Product News Micrel Turns Up The Heat With Ethernet Extended Temp Options To Enable IP Connectivity In Extreme Environments
2010-04-26 Product News Micrel Makes Mobile More Efficient Than Ever With New DC/DC Step Down Regulator Featuring Featuring RF PA Power Supply
2010-04-21 Product News New Power Management IC For Mobile And Handheld Markets Offers Flexible Sequencing, Improved Efficiency
2010-04-15 Product News Micrel Launches High Power Monolithic Boost LED Driver With 3.5A Integrated FET
2010-04-14 Product News Micrel Launches Extreme Performance Four-Output PMIC With I2C Control For Portable Applications
2010-04-12 Product News Micrel Launches Multi-Channel WLED Driver For Backlighting Applications With Flicker-Free Dimming
2010-04-05 Product News Next Generation Automotive Gets Revved Up For Multi-Media Networks Micrel's KSZ8873MLL AM Enables Ethernet As Green Backbone Solution
2010-03-22 Product News Micrel Introduces New Gigabit PHY for Embedded Ethernet Low Power Consumption, High Integration and Small Size Targets Green Systems
2010-03-17 Product News Micrel Introduces MICRF507 470 - 510MHz FSK Transceiver For China Short Range Device (SRD) Communications
2010-03-29 Product News Micrel Delivers Power and Protection With New PoE Power Sourcing Equipment Controller
2010-03-15 Product News Micrel's New Integrated Green Ethernet Switch-On-A-Chip Solutions Smallest 3-Port Switches In The World
2010-02-22 Product News Micrel Is Bringing The Power To Light™ With New Step Down High Brightness LED Driver IC
2010-02-22 Product News Micrel Dramatically Plummets Costs in Multiple Rail Consumer Applications with New Dual Non-Synchronous PWM Buck Regulator
2010-01-05 Product News Micrel 10A Fully Integrated Synchronous Buck Regulator Redefines High Power Density
2009-10-01 Product News Micrel Pushes The Envelope By Expanding Hyper Speed Control™ Family With Worlds First High Delta-V 40V DC-DC Controller
2009-09-10 Product News Micrel Pushes The Triple Play Envelope With New 2.5Gbps Single-Chip Transceiver For GEPON And GPON ONU ONT Modules
2009-07-20 Product News Micrel Goes Miniscule With Worlds Smallest Dual LDO Family
2009-07-22 Product News Micrel Gives Industry Powerful Boost With Markets First High Efficiency Low EMI Step-Up Regulator
2009-06-30 Product News Micrel Brings The Power To Light™ With Its First High Brightness LED Driver For Solid-State Lighting and General Illumination Applications
2009-02-24 Product News Micrel Serves And Protects With High Power Density Integrated Synchronous Buck Regulator
2009-02-24 Product News Micrel Goes The Distance With Green Low Power, Long Range RF Receiver IC For RKE At APEC 09
2009-02-24 Product News Micrel Pushes Buttons with MICRF302 RF Remote Control Packet Encoder At APEC 09
2009-02-24 Product News Micrel Revolutionizes Portable With The Introduction Of A New Family Of White LED Drivers
2009-01-22 Product News Micrel Derails High Costs In Multiple Rail Applications With New Family Of Dual Non-Synchronous PWM Buck Regulators
2009-01-14 Product News Micrel Introduces 1.5A HyperLight Load™Regulator Supporting Green Home/Office Appliances and Handheld Products
2008-12-16 Product News Micrel Tunes In With New Fully Integrated, Wide-Input Range Boost Regulators
2008-11-18 Product News Micrel Drives Ethernet Into The Global Automotive World
2008-11-06 Product News Micrel Makes No Compromises When Bringing On The Power
2008-11-05 Product News Micrel Maps Out Success In Automotive Market With Introduction Of Industry`s First 120V Automotive AEC-Q100 Qualified LDO
2008-11-04 Product News Micrel Launches Incredible Shrinking LDOs Featuring Best-In-Class Performance For Space Constrained Applications
2008-10-28 Product News Micrel Goes The Distance, First To Market With 1.2V Output, Programmable Equalization For CML Product Family
2008-10-27 Product News Quenching The Thirst For High Power Density, Micrel Unveils First Ever 40V Wide Input Range Boost Regulator Solution
2008-10-21 Product News Micrel Addresses Voracious Power Demands With Latest Family Of Micro-Power Single LDOs
2008-10-15 Product News Micrel Illuminates Lighting Market With New Family Of Small Footprint, High Efficiency Low Audible Noise Dual Electroluminescent Lamp Drivers
2008-09-29 Product News Micrel’s Single-Channel, Constant Power-Limit, Hot Swap Controller Puts Safety First For Insertion/Removal of PC Boards
2008-09-15 Product News Micrel Gives Consumer Market A Jolt With Cost Savings For DC-To-DC Converters
2008-08-28 Product News Micrel’s HyperLight LoadTM Technology Enables Lightning Fast, Minuscule Solutions For Handheld Systems
2008-07-22 Product News Micrel Drives Complexity And Cost Down With New 4.25Gbps FP/DFB Laser Driver Featuring Integrated Bias and High Drive Current
2008-07-17 Product News Pin for Pin, Micrel Give Ethernet Customers Higher Throughput Than Ever Before
2008-07-15 Product News Micrel Takes Low Power To New Heights With New Ultra-Low Voltage CML Product Family Featuring Unique Fail Safe I/O Protection and Internal Termination
2008-06-18 Product News Micrel Powers Up Newest Family Of Single Supply LDOs With Input Voltages As Low As 1.65V
2008-06-16 Product News Micrel Enables World's Smallest Load Switch With Highest Current For Maximum Mobile Features
2008-06-11 Product News Portable Gets Flexible With Micrel’s Ultra-Compact Quad Output Single Chip Solution
2008-06-05 Product News Micrel Slashes BOM Costs With New 2.5Gbps Laser Diode Driver Featuring APC And Power Monitoring
2008-06-02 Product News Micrel Soothes Jitters With Introduction Of New Outstanding Low-Cost Precision Frequency Synthesizer
2008-05-22 Product News Micrel Launches Fast And Furious Solution With Introduction Of The Industry’s Highest Delay Resolution Skew Management IC
2008-04-07 Product News Micrel Powers Up With Latest Family of Micro-Power Dual LDOs For Todays Demanding Battery-Powered Applications
2008-02-25 Product News Micrel Expands High Power Density Family With Introduction Of MIC22400
2007-12-19 Product News Micrel Launches World’s Smallest High Efficiency Dual Synchronous Buck Converter
2008-02-25 Product News Micrel Rolls Out World’s First Programmable Receiver With “Jam Avoidance”
2006-09-25 Product News Micrel Adds New ICs To Expanding Family of Smart Load Switches
2008-01-24 Product News Micrel Announces Availability Of Two New Soft-Start High Side Power Switches
2008-01-17 Product News Micrel Announces New Low Cost Dual-Channel Hot-Plug Power Controllers
2007-12-10 Product News Micrel Introduces New High Performance ULDO Family Featuring Low Input Voltage Down To 1.6V
2007-12-12 Product News Micrel Launches New Limiting Post Amplifiers With Wide Input Signal Detection Range
2007-12-06 Product News Micrel Announces New LVPECL/LVDS, Ultra-Low Jitter Clock Dividers With Unique Fail Safe I/O Protection and Internal Termination
2007-10-30 Product News Micrel Rolls Out New High Voltage Synchronous Buck Controller With Low EMI Option
2007-10-01 Product News Micrel Introduces Ultra-Compact 2MHz, 7-12W Integrated Boost HB LED Driver Solution
2007-09-17 Product News Micrel Extends High-Side Power Switch Family With Cost-Effective New Solutions
2007-08-06 Product News Micrel Launches Dual 800mA High Efficiency 2.5 MHz Synchronous Buck Regulator Featuring Trickle Mode™ For Light Load Operation
2007-09-19 Product News Micrel Launches New Family Of Highly Efficient Low Noise Electroluminescent Lamp Drivers For Backlighting Applications
2007-09-25 Product News Micrel Launches World’s First CableCard 2.0 Integrated Power Switch and Controller Built Into A Single Chip
2007-09-27 Product News Micrel Launches Industry’s Smallest Fully-Integrated 6A Synchronous Buck Regulators For 3V and 5V Supply Rails
2007-10-08 Product News Micrel Launches Industry’s Smallest Combination Buck Regulator/LDO
2007-06-13 Product News Micrel Previews Industry Breakthrough SuperLNR™ Family Of Low Noise Regulators
2007-06-13 Product News Micrel Launches Fastest Transient Performance, Highest Efficiency 4MHz 500mA Synchronous Buck Regulators Featuring Hyper Light Load™
2007-06-04 Product News Micrel Rolls Out New Receiver For RF Family Best Distance Performance On The Market
2007-05-31 Product News Micrel Rolls Out Family of 2 MHz Integrated Switch Non-Synchronous PWM Buck Regulators with Current Ratings of 1.5, 2 and 3A
2007-03-04 Product News Micrel Offers New High Performance Low Power ASK/FSK QwikRadio® Transmitter
2007-03-05 Product News Micrel Rolls Out New RF Receiver With Best Distance Performance On The Market
2007-05-09 Product News Micrel Introduces Industry’s Smallest 7W Integrated Boost LED Driver For Portable Applications
2007-03-05 Product News Micrel Launches Tiniest Boost Regulator With Single Wire Digital Interface For White LED Backlighting Applications
2007-03-04 Product News Micrel Launches Tiny, Most Efficient Power Management IC For RF Power Amplifiers
2007-02-27 Product News Micrel’s 4A MIC68400 Extends LDO Family Aimed At FPGAs, DSPs and Microcontrollers
2007-02-26 Product News Micrel Joins Z-Alliance With A Full Line Of Z-One® Compatible LDO Regulator
2007-02-08 Product News Combines Highly Efficient DC-to-DC Converter With Two LDO Outputs To Power DSPs, DMB, DVB-H and Mobile Graphics Chipsets
2007-01-16 Product News Micrel Launches Dual 2A LDO Featuring Ramp Control and Integrated Tracking or Sequencing Capability
2007-01-09 Product News Micrel Launches Latest Low Cost, Low Power PHYs To Support Hottest Trends in Consumer Electronics
2007-01-08 Product News Micrel Introduces Record Breaking Dual 300mA ULDO
2007-01-03 Product News Micrel Expands Family of Lowest Dropout Single ULDO™ ICs In Tiny MLF® Package
2006-12-20 Product News Micrel Addresses Growing Communications and Base Station Markets With Introduction Of New 5A Low Voltage Single Supply LDO Regulator
2006-12-01 Product News Micrel Launches New Family Of 100V Half Bridge And Synchronous FET Drivers
2006-11-30 Product News Micrel Rolls Out Company’s Highest Frequency and Smallest Footprint 3A Non-Synchronous PWM Buck Regulator
2006-11-15 Product News Micrel Launches Industry’s Smallest and Thinnest 8 MHz, ‘Inductorless’ Buck Regulator For Portable Power Applications
2006-11-13 Product News New Energy-Saving LDO That Extends Battery Life For Portable Consumer Applications
2006-11-10 Product News ndustry’s First 4.25Gbps, Ultra-Low Jitter Buffer and MUX Family with Fail Safe I/O Protection
2006-11-06 Product News New 30A High Efficiency Synchronous Buck Controller For Point-of-Load DC-To-DC Applications
2006-10-09 Product News Micrel Introduces New Ultra-Low Dropout Regulator Featuring Ultra-Small MLF Package
2006-10-09 Product News Micrel Launches Industry’s Lowest Power, Highest ESD Ethernet PHY
2006-09-18 Product News Micrel Launches New Low-Power Post Amplifier Featuring High-Gain TTL Loss–of-Signal Detection For Datacom And Telecom Applications
2006-09-11 Product News Micrel Rolls Out New Series Of Low-Power Clock And Data Recovery Solutions
2006-09-07 Product News Power-One And Micrel Introduce Z-ONE™ Compatible Solution For Low Current Applications
2006-08-07 Product News Micrel Expands Family Of Dual Ultra LDOs in Industry’s Smallest MLF Package
2006-08-02 Product News Micrel Rolls Out Latest In Family Of 2-Port Ethernet Switch Solutions For Networking and Industrial Applications
2006-06-20 Product News Micrel Expands Family Of Tiny Dual LDOs Aimed At Portable And RF Applications
2006-07-24 Product News Micrel Launches Newest 3-Port Switch Solution For Interfacing to 10BaseFL or 100BaseSX Networks
2006-05-24 Product News Micrel Launches Industry’s Smallest LVDS 1:2 Fanout For Low Jitter Applications
2006-05-11 Product News Micrel Introduces Market’s Most Power-Efficient Radio Transmitter IC
2006-05-08 Product News Micrel Rolls Out Industry’s Latest Generation of Lowest-Dropout LDOs
2006-05-01 Product News Micrel Rolls Out New High Performance Power Management IC
2006-04-27 Product News Micrel Launches New Limiting Amplifier With Programmable Decision Threshold
2006-04-24 Product News Micrel Makes Major In-Roads With Quadruple Play Ethernet Solution
2005-07-06 Product News Micrel Rolls Out Company’s Smallest 3A PWM Buck Regulator Solution
2006-04-04 Product News Micrel Launches Industry’s Smallest Ultra High Speed, 6A MOSFET Driver Product Family
2006-01-25 Product News Micrel Launches Industry’s First 8 MHz, 500mA Synchronous Buck Regulator For Portable Power Applications
2006-01-17 Product News Micrel Launches New 4.25G Laser Driver and Post Amplifier Chipset Solution For Datacom Applications
2006-01-09 Product News Micrel Introduces New Boost Regulator To Drive Series WLEDs in LCD Backlighting Applications
2005-12-22 Product News Micrel Launches New Post Amplifiers For The Growing PON Market
2005-12-21 Product News Micrel Launches Industry’s First LDO Featuring Built-In Sequencing, Tracking And Ramp Control For Low Voltage FPGAs, DSPs And ASICs
2005-12-14 Product News Micrel Introduces Smallest Ever Low Power QwikRadio® Radio Modules
2005-11-28 Product News Micrel Rolls Out New Ultra-High Bandwidth Voltage Regulator For Industrial, Telecom and Consumer Applications
2005-11-02 Product News Micrel Continues To Roll New Solutions For High-Current Power Distribution Switch Family
2005-10-12 Product News Micrel Rolls Out Two LVPECL And LVDS Clock Synthesizer Timing System-On-a-Chip IC Solutions
2005-10-05 Product News Micrel Announces Smallest Ever Low Power Radio Module
2005-10-03 Product News Micrel Rolls Out Four New IC Solutions For Embedded and Industrial Ethernet Applications
2005-09-27 Product News Micrel New 3-Port Switch Endorsed For Ethernet Powerlink Solutions
2005-09-26 Product News Micrel Launches New Post Amplifier Featuring Improved Sensitivity For Datacom and Telecom Digital Applications
2005-09-21 Product News Micrel Offers New “Zero Load” Battery Monitor For Portable and Server Applications
2005-09-12 Product News Micrel Offers New 150mA LDO For Portable Applications
2005-10-04 Product News Micrel Introduces 3A Ultra-Fast Transient Response PWM Buck Regulator
2003-04-02 Product News Lowest Jitter, Lowest Skew LVPECL & LVDS Programmable Clock Dividers with Internal Termination
2003-04-14 Product News 10.7Gbps Lowest Jitter Universal Logic Gate and Data-to-Clock Resynchronizer for Communications and ATE Applications
2003-05-07 Product News Micrel’s Dual Channel Hot Swap Power Controller Adds Power Supply Tracking and Sequencing
2003-05-14 Product News NETGEAR to Ship Next Generation Broadband Router Using Micrel’s “Centaur” Family of High-Performance, Highly Integrated Gateway Router Solutions Featuring the XceleRouter™ Technology By Micrel
2003-05-20 Product News Micrel’s Low-Voltage, Hot Swap Power Controller Adds Auto-Retry Fault Recovery to Existing Family
2003-06-13 Product News Micrel Releases Family of Small, Simple, Efficient, DC/DC Controllers
2003-07-08 Product News Micrel PCI Hot-Swap Power Controller Earns analogZONE 2002 Product of the Year Award
2003-08-13 Product News Ultra-Fast 3A Low-Dropout Regulator Powers Low-Voltage Processor Cores Down to 0.9V
2003-09-12 Product News Micrel's Flexible Push-Pull DC/DC Control ICs Combine Small Size and High Efficiency
2003-10-14 Product News Micrel Releases Smallest White LED Driver Solutions in 2mm x 2mm Package
2003-09-29 Product News Low Quiescent Current, Low-Output Voltage Micropower LDO Regulator for Applications in Portable Electronics
2003-10-17 Product News Micrel Enters Video Filter Market Targeting HDTV and Set-Top Boxes
2005-08-30 Product News Micrel Introduces ’Kickstart’ Power Distribution Switches
2004-01-22 Product News Micrel's New Family of High-Current, Low-Voltage, Protected-Power Distribution Switches with Input Voltages Down to 0.8V
2004-01-28 Product News Micrel's New MSOP-10 DC/DC Controllers Provide Up to 20A Down to 0.8V
2004-01-28 Product News Micrel Releases 1uF Stable 2MHz PWM DC/DC Regulator
2004-01-29 Product News Micrel Launches First PCI Express Hot-Swap Power Controller and Targets High-Reliability Applications
2004-02-10 Product News Micrel Targets Telecom and Networking Applications with High-Voltage Hot-Swap Power Controllers/Sequencers
2004-02-10 Product News Micrel Announces High-voltage Hot-Swap Power Controllers for Telecom and Networking Line Card Applications
2004-03-16 Product News Micrel Announces Industry's Highest-Performing 150mA LDO in World's Smallest Plastic Package
2004-04-30 Product News Micrel's New Dual-Slot Power Controller Targets High-Reliability PCI Hot-Plug Applications
2004-07-12 Product News MIC2215 Chip Aimed At Portable Electronic Devices Requiring Multiple Outputs and Low Noise
2004-07-15 Product News Micrel Announces 2mm x 2mm DC/DC Boost Regulators for Powering Handheld Displays
2004-07-20 Product News Micrel Announces 100mA LDO in Teeny SC-70 Package
2004-07-22 Product News Micrel Expands Family of High Frequency, Small White LED Drivers
2004-07-27 Product News Micrel Rolls Out Four New High-Performance LDOs Featuring Industry's Smallest Plastic Packaging
2005-02-08 Product News New High Frequency PWM Switching Regulator For Next Generation Mobile Phones
2005-02-14 Product News Micrel Announces New Ultra Low Power, High Performance LDOs
2005-02-28 Product News Micrel Announces New LVPECL And LVDS Fanout Buffers Featuring Lowest Jitter And Internal Termination
2005-03-24 Product News Micrel Announces the Industry’s First Ultra-Low Jitter, Non-PLL Clock Switchover 2:1 Multiplexer Family That Prevents Runt Pulses During Switchover
2005-03-30 Product News Micrel Rolls Out Family of New LVPECL Fanout Buffers & Multiplexers
2005-04-04 Product News Micrel Launches KS8001 Family of Fast Ethernet PHYs
2005-04-12 Product News Micrel Rolls Out Extended Family of High Speed, Robust BiCMOS/DMOS MOSFET Drivers
2005-04-27 Product News Micrel Offers New Packaging Options for Voltage Supervisor ICs
2005-05-17 Product News Micrel Launches New High-Current, Low Power Laser Driver
2005-06-13 Product News Micrel Launches New Two-In-One Voltage Supervisor
2005-06-20 Product News Micrel Introduces MicrelNet™ Free Firmware Solution For Wireless Networking
2005-06-22 Product News Micrel Announces Availability of QwikRadio® Modules
2005-06-27 Product News Micrel Launches Miniature 2.5mm x 2.5mm Dual 150mA LDO Regulator
2005-06-28 Product News Micrel Offers Tiny New 40V PWM Boost Regulator Featuring Innovative Brightness Control
2005-06-29 Product News Micrel Launches New 2-Port Switch For ‘Triple Play’ Applications
2005-07-05 Product News Micrel Offers New 3-Port Switch For ‘Triple And Quad Play’ Applications
2005-07-11 Product News Micrel Rolls Out New Family of 4.25Gbps, 6.4Gbps Backplane & Cable Management Solutions
2005-07-13 Product News Micrel Rolls Out New PWM Synchronous Buck Regulator For Power Sensitive Applications
2005-08-02 Product News High-Power Density 1.2A Boost Regulator Delivers More Than 34V And Up To 90 Percent Efficiency
2005-08-03 Product News New MICRF010 Solution Provides 50 Percent Increase In Range, Smallest Packaging
2005-08-10 Product News Micrel Announces New Family of High-Current Power Distribution Switches