6” Wafer Foundry

Examples of Micrel's foundry commitment to service include the use of Computer-Aided Design (CAD) support and customized test patterns. SPICE parameters are available to aid your design and simulation efforts. Micrel CAD support helps you with often overlooked details, such as proper placement of alignment marks and scribe lines. Micrel can also order your masks from the mask vendor and ensure they are made correctly. Unlike most foundries, Micrel will match your layout rules or design requirements with a customized wafer test pattern. This results in many practical advantages, including:
  Yield Improvement and Process Development: Custom test structures, equipped with Spreading Resistance Profile (SRP) bars and optimized for your particular product, streamline data collection and provide accurate characterization data.
  Correlation with Simulations: Personalized test patterns provide custom geometry devices that can confirm CAD models. Bread boarding and reliability testing are other benefits.

Be sure to read our whitepaper about MEMS Foundry Selection.

Statistical Process Control

You have a choice in selecting the classification and quality standards to which your devices are manufactured. You may select upgrades to Industrial Class-B, Military Class-S or Class-B (MIL-STD-883), or custom production requirements designed to your particular specification definitions.

Micrel Technology Offerings

A well-documented and controlled computer-generated process traveler gives Micrel the capability to run a wide variety of technologies. For analog products, Micrel can add DMOS or bipolar devices to CMOS technologies, CMOS devices to bipolar technologies, thin-fi lm resistors, Zener-zap devices, special capacitors, and many other enhancements. Micrel technologies and specification controls produce devices over a broad range of performance capabilities.

Wafer Fab Capabilities
State-of-the-Art Quality, Process and Systems
  SPC 100% >1.0 CPK, 90% >1.33 CPK
  Die and fab yields >95%
  On-time delivery (OSD) >95%
  Cycle time:
  <1.85 mean Cycle Time Per Layer (CTPL)
  <2.1 (98% "tile") CTPL
  QS9000/ISO9002 preferred
  FIT rates:
  Super-micron >4
  Sub-micron <0.6
  Customer returns <0.18% of annual sales
  Real time SPC deployment
  World-class benchmarked systems implementation
  Weekly operations reviews
  Monthly operations reviews, MBO goals
  Quarterly system reviews
  Annual quality audits/review for critical suppliers

Alternate or Second Source Products
  Mature MOS or bipolar circuits: customer-owned tooling
  Full custom designs

Foundry Services
  MEMS Precision 3D Capable Technology
  Automotive Industry
  Consumer Electronics
  Medical Electronics
  Mixed Technologies
  Digital + Analog + Power + MOSFET
  CMOS/DMOS high voltage with high current
  Low threshold voltage, low power CMOS
  Low, medium, and high-voltage bipolar technologies
   Analog bipolar
  High-speed bipolar and SiGe
SPICE parameters and characterized library elements available.
Micrel has a modern fabrication facility using:
  1x and 5x steppers (6 inch)
  positive resist
  all-dry etch and "all implanted" processing
  in-house implant
  ASM single wafer Epi reactors,
  sputtered metal
capability to produce up to 40,000 wafers per month
sophisticated state-of-the-art measurement equipment is used to monitor and record:
  line widths
  particle levels
  film thicknesses,
  and other critical parameters
Final electrical characterization of the wafer test die is provided by automated test equipment.
Micrel offers combinations of design, process, and pure foundry services that are sure to fit your exact needs.
There are a number of options from which you can select:
Each will be adapted to match your specific requirements:
  MEMS Foundry: Your MEMS design and process flow
  MEMS+ Foundry: Your MEMS, Micrel's technology and process.
  IC Foundry: Micrel duplicates your process
  R & D IC Foundry: Micrel develops new processes to meet your unique needs.
  Semi-Custom IC Foundry: Your design, Micrel's technology and process.
  Custom IC Foundry: Your circuit, Micrel's technology, design, and process.
  Full-Service IC Foundry: Your specification, Micrel's design, technology, process, test, and packaging.