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IEEE1588v2 Ethernet

Micrel's commitment to supporting Industrial networking is further enhanced with EtherSynch™ technology, based on IEEE1588v2 Time synchronization. EtherSynch™ technology enables an advanced, low-cost, hardware based architecture that offloads both synchronization and communications processing from the host CPU.

The EtherSynch™ family of 1588v2 Ethernet switches and controllers offer highly integrated, power efficient solutions for major Industrial Ethernet standards such as Ethernet/IP, Profinet, ModBus/TCP and Powerlink. Development timescales are shortened with the availability of both hardware and pre-qualified PTP software stack.

Typical applications:
Industrial Automation and Motion Control Systems
Real-Time Ethernet networks requiring sub-microsecond synchronization over standard Ethernet
IEC 61850 networks supporting power substation automation
Networked Measurement and Control Systems
Test and Measurement Equipment

P/N Stock /
# of Eth Ports Copper Support Fiber Support Interface # of GPIO Supply Voltage (V) Internal LDO Vdd I/O
LinkMD® Cable Diag Temp Range 802.3az EEE Internal Termination Package
MII RMII 8/16-Bit

I (Industrial) -40° to 85°C; A (Automotive) -40° to 85°C; J (Extended) -40° to 125°C

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