Battery Chargers

Micrel's step-up regulators are optimized for the highest possible efficiency for applications where the supply or battery voltage needs to be boosted up to supply a higher voltage load. Typical applications for these types of products include battery-powered, hand-held instruments and TFT-LCD bias supplies.

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Charge Cell Type Charge Voltage Voltage Accuracy VIN IGND (Typ) IGND Shutdown Typ (µA) Vdropout +25°C (Typ) (mV) Vdropout @ Tmax (mV) Package
Li-Ion, 1 cell 4.2V ±0.75% 2.5 16 85µA 3 380 600 MSOP-8, SOIC-8, SOT223
Li-Ion 4.2V, Adj. ±0.75% 2.5 16 2mA 0.1 375 550 3x3