Micrel knows that the military has extended needs for quality assurance. The Company addresses those requirements in the following areas:

ROHS and Plastic Package Terminal Finish
Micrel continues to support lead-tin (Pb-Sn) solder lead finish when it is available from our subcontractors[1]. Inevitably lead-tin solder will be phased out due to ROHS requirements for lead (Pb) free product. Micrel has whenever possible used Nickel-Palladium-Gold (NiPdAu) lead finish instead of matte tin for ROHS compliant product. Military customers frequently want to avoid the use of matte tin due to the tin "whisker" reliability concern. NiPdAu is "whisker" free. Military customers should find NiPdAu a good alternative to lead-tin solder without any concern for “whisker” related reliability issues. Currently Micrel offers NiPdAu on most of its QFN (also known as MLFtm Amkor), SC-70, SOT23, MSOP, and 8 lead SOIC packages[2]. Larger packages continue to use matte tin. Micrel uses 400 microinches of tin over copper alloy leadframe. We perform a one hour 150C post plating bake for whisker mitigation. Results of whisker testing by Micrel and it subcontractors can be found in the quality and reliability section of the Micrel webpage. Our plastic product has moisture sensitivity rated at 260C peak reflow temperature. Moisture sensitivity data is also found at our website. Package composition for ROHS compliance is also available at our website.

High Reliability Services
Micrel has the capability of performing most classical reliability tests including high temperature operating life, biased moisture operating life, autoclave (pressure pot), and temperature cycle. Micrel’s reliability services that apply to 883B product are DESC certified. Micrel has in the past entertained special programs governed by contracts (source controlled drawings) which have included 883B style programs, sample burn-in, and in some cases 100% burn-in.

Reliability and MTBF
Micrel continuously monitors the reliability of it processes and packages through high temperature operating life and package reliability tests. Package level tests include temperature cycle (-65°C to +150°C), autoclave, high temperature storage (+150°C), and biased moisture testing. Micrel provides MTBF data based on actual operating life data and does not use models. MTBF reports by process are available on our webpage in the quality and reliability section. Micrel reports MTBF data at 55°C with 60 percent upper confidence limit using the Χ2 statistic. Data is derated to 55C from the operating life test temperature using the Arrhenius equation with an activation energy of 0.7eV.

Process/Product Change Notification (PPCN)
Micrel notifies customers of major process changes including changes in location of wafer fabrication, assembly, or test; changes in mold compound; die shrinks, and so on. Our change process is modeled after JESD46 and MIL-PRF-38535 APPENDIX A. Micrel does provide PPCN notification to all of its regional sales directors, field applications engineers, and distributors and they in turn notify their customers. For those that want direct notification from Micrel we offer the opportunity to register for direct notification of all PPCN's at the Quality and Reliability section of our webpage. Micrel provides a minimum of 90 days notification for major changes.

Micrel rarely obsoletes parts. If this should occur our policy is to provide 1 year notification. We typically offer a lifetime buy. We ask that the lifetime buy order be placed within the first six months of the notification period for delivery at the end of the notification period.

REACH Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Registration of Chemicals   REACH
Micrel does not produce substances or preparations which need to be registered according to the REACH regulation. Micrel’s products are ‘Articles’ as defined in REACH Article 3(3). There is no intended release of substances subjected as to REACH and therefore, registration does not apply for our products. Suppliers of articles must provide recipients with information on SVHC (Substances of Very High Concern). Micrel’s products currently do not contain substances on the REACH SVHC Candidate List. Therefore, the Reach Article 7(2) to notify ECHA (European Chemical Agency) if an article contains >0.1 mass % of an SVHC and tonnage exceeds 1 tonne per importer per year is presently not applicable to Micrel. As an environmentally responsible Company, Micrel supports REACH and other legislations with the aim of improving the protection of our environment and human health and safety. Micrel will continue to monitor the developments of the REACH legislation to ensure continuous compliance. For additional information please contact Micrel at: Environ@Micrel.com.

Extended Temperature Capabilities/Screening
Micrel has the capability of performing tri-temperature (-55°C, +25°C, +125°C) testing on most packages. Micrel has in the past entertained special test screens (including extended temperature range) governed by contracts (source control drawings).

Design Support

Ethernet Support
  Design Package for evaluation boards
  Schematics (both Orcad and PDF version)
  Software drivers (where appropriate)
  App note 111 (Layout and Design info)
  Evaluation board user
  IBIS Model
  Linux v2.6 and WinCE v6.0 for Micrel SoC devices
  Factory schematic and layout review; less than 48 hour turnaround response time
  Debug guide presentation
  App notes
Micrel maintains an extensive database of both IBIS and Spice Models on the Company website.
Reference Designs
Micrel constantly creates new reference designs for ease of design for its clients. Reference designs can be easily downloaded from Micrel’s website. Some examples of reference designs currently available include: For RF Reference Designs:
For additional reference designs please consult the Micrel website.

Product Support

Errata/ PCNs - Process Notification
Micrel adheres to a strict policy of notifying its customers of major part changes. All customers can register for notification at: Register for e-mail notification

Material Declarations
Micrel's materials declaration can be viewed online.

Package Information
Micrel has an extensive database of package information including package type and reliability, listed by package type.
For information about packaging
Information regarding package reliability is available on Micrel's web site. This includes autoclave stress tests, Ethernet reliability monitor data, extended temperature cycle stress test, high temperature biased moisture life test, lead free solder joint reliability, lead free package solderability, moisture sensitivity levels of surface mount packages, MSOP package reliability monitor data, Sn-PB package reflow profile, SOIC package reliability monitor data, SOT-23 package reliability monitor data, SOT-23 package reliability monitor data, SOT-223 package reliability monitor data, S-pak package reliability monitor data, storage life test (Bake).

Die Products
ES Components, our experienced "partner" in die sales and distribution, offers Micrel packaging solutions to meet a wide range of commercial, industrial, military, ruggedized and aerospace requirements.

If your application does not require full military complaint screen and qualified devices but still requires mission-critical performance, consider commercial up-screening programs.

  100% Environmental Screening
  Extended Temperature Range Testing
  Reduced Field Failure Rates
  Guaranteed Electrical Performance
  Identify Latent Defects
Military and Aerospace screening is available as detailed below.

Hermetic Packaging
Various hermetic packaging, footprint and screening requirements are available to meet diverse program specifications.
  MIL-PRF-38535 Screening & QCI as required
  DIP, Flat Pack, CLCC package options
  Customer-specific configurations

Die is available to support hybrid or multi-chip module designs. ES Components can provide bare die products which can be qualified to meet your specific program requirements. Page xx list current products available in wafer/die form. Other products can be obtained in die form per customer request.
For commercial and industrial applications, chose from a variety of Screening and Inspection Tests to meet your requirements:
  100 Percent Probe Test
  MIL-STD-883, Method 2010 Visual Inspection
  MIL-STD-883, Method 2011 Wirebond Evaluation
  MIL-STD-883 2018 SEM Analysis
For military or aerospace applications, select Element Evaluation by:
  MIL-PRF-38534, Class H Element Evaluation (Military Level)
  MIL-PRF-38534, Class K Element Evaluation (Space Level)

Radiation Data:
Many Micrel products have been tested for Radiation Resistance, in both Single Event and Total Ionizing conditions. These tests were conducted by third parties, independent of Micrel, and provide unbiased evaluations.

Searchable Radiation Databases can be found online at the following websites:

Thermal Resistance:
Micrel has a wide range of package options in its database. Package offerings range from the smallest outline low pin count packages up to high pin count BGA. The Company offers a wide range of power packages, thermally enhanced packages with exposed pads and fused lead frames. These packages provide excellent thermal properties (theta Ja or Jc) to reduce die operating temperatures for longer life and higher reliability. Thermal Resistance Information on these packages is available via Micrel datasheets or on the Company’s website.

Need Process Product Change Notifications? It’s easy to register for up-to-the-minute email alerts.
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