Micrel 6” MEMS Foundry Services

Micrel is expanding its toolset capabilities to address its fast growing MEMS business. Micrel has a state-of-the-art SPTS PegasusTM DRIE machine which boasts the fastest deep silicon etch rates available as well as superior sidewall smoothness and cross-wafer uniformity. The PegasusTM is the tool of choice for the very high aspect ratio features and large cavities required for today’s MEMS products. MEMS customers also have the option for monolithic integration with CMOS as well as access to all of Micrel's IC products for package-level integration. At Micrel, fabless customers enjoy the rare capability for production of a full MEMS sensor system at one facility. Be sure to read our whitepaper about MEMS Foundry Selection.

MEMS Processes
   MEMS-only or CMOS+MEMS integrated processing
   Inertial, pressure, Hall, optical and infrared sensors
   Microphones, resonators
   Electrostatic actuators, capacitive and piezoresistor sensors
   0.5µ stepper lithography with front-to-back side alignment
   Stitching capability for large die
   SOI (Silicon on Insulator)
   Trench Isolation
   Thin/Thick epi
   Doped/undoped polysilicon
   Thermal, LPCVD and PECVD oxide
   Dry oxide/nitride etch
   Dry poly etch
   LPCVD (low stress) nitride and PECVD nitride
   State-of-the-art DRIE etch on SPTS Pegasus
   KOH etch
   CMOS-compatible metals:
   thin and thick metal dry etch
   Ti, W silicides
   CVD W
   Rapid Thermal Processing
   Resist Planarization
   Indium Tin Oxide Sputtering and Etch
   Ti, TiN, Ta, TaAl Sputtering and Etch
   Thin Silicon Processing
   Silicon Texturing
   SiC Coating
   Anti-Reflective Coatings
   Coming soon:
   XeF2: anhydrous HF release
   Thick Resist
   Porous Silicon Etch