Micrel offers a comprehensive portfolio of LDOs, DC/DC switching regulators and controllers, LED drivers, MOSFET drivers, USB power switches and voltage reference ICs. These products have been designed for a wide range of applications including telecom, Datacomm, wireless infrastructure, portable, automotive and industrial applications.
LDOs – LDO products ranging from basic three-terminal regulators to high performance multi-output regulators with integrated supervisory functions
DC/DC Converters – These products cover all the popular power conversion topologies (buck, boost, buck/boost and synchronous buck) and are designed to provide high efficiency in a small form factor.
DC/DC Modules – High density power solutions with integrated PWM controller, MOSFETs, inductor, and passives to simplify design and reduce board space.
PMICs – Power Management ICs combine supervisory, DC/DC, LDO and interface functions in a single IC to save space and cost in applications ranging from graphics processors to Solid State Drives (SSD)
In addition, we provide other power management and control products, such as:
LED Drivers
MOSFET Drivers
USB Power Switches

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