Micrel has a rapidly-expanding portfolio of switching regulator products serving the mobile device, portable computer, telecommunications, industrial markets.  All products combine Micrel’s advanced processes with the Company’s strong design expertise to produce best-in-class products. These products address step-up, step-down and multi-output systems (PMICs). The Company’s DC/DC converter products are offered in controller (external switches) and regulator (switches on board) form, and are designed to provide high efficiency in a small form factor. Micrel offers families of switching regulators that range from low voltage, ultra-high efficiency products designed for battery-powered applications in smart phones and tablets to high voltage, high current switching regulators with input voltage ratings of up to 75V and output currents up to 12A. PMICs combine supervisory, DC/DC, LDO and interface functions in a single IC to save space and cost, and Micrel offers many PMIC devices for key applications ranging from graphics processors to LTE dongles. Micrel also offers an expanding line of highly integrated DC/DC regulators with internal inductors.  
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